Middleware is loosely defined as anything that sits between the application and the blockchain, which includes oracles, indexers, CDN, rendering, staking, encryption, routing and etc. The decentralization and scalability of the middleware are also critical in offering a smooth Web3 service to the users.


Bifrost is staking liquidity solution on polkadot. Bifrost is a DeFi protocol that connect with Polkadot and different PoS blockchains to provide staking derivative though XCMP or Smart Contract.


Chainlink decentralized oracle networks provide tamper-proof inputs, outputs, and computations to support advanced smart contracts on any blockchain.

Deeper Network

Deeper Network represents the world’s first decentralized blockchain network for building a truly private, secure and fair Internet. Deeper Network Inc. was founded in 2019 with the vision of leveraging blockchain technology to empower the real users of the internet. Deeper Network is building both the Web 3.0 infrastructure of the future and an accessible gateway for everyone to join the revolution


Glitter is a blockchain-based data platform to help applications store, manage and elevate the world’s data in web3.0 way. Our service enables developers and community users storing and accessing huge amounts of data in web3.0 as no knowing the basics of web3.0 is necessary. Also, Glitter provides a platform to help the web3.0 community to organize world’s data and make it accessible to all the users.

Mask Network

Mask Network aims to bridge the Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0. By bringing the amazing decentralized application ecosystem onto traditional social networks, the Mask extension provides a decentralized option for features Web 2.0 users are familiar with. Users could enjoy secure, decentralized social messaging, payment networks, file storage, and file sharing without leaving the mainstream social media networks. Users could get a glimpse of the magic of the Web 3.0 world in an easy and effortless way.We at Mask Network are strong believers in the ownership economy. People should own what they produce, their data, their attention, and the virtual space they choose to contribute to. And we hereby invite everyone who sees this message to join us in the course of regaining control of our personal data.

Meson Network

Meson Network is a decentralized CDN serivce and bandwith aggregator across decentralized storage system.


PowerLoom Protocol aggregates on-chain and off-chain data to generate snapshots with cryptographic proofs in a decentralized manner. It aims to build trust and offer meaningful insights on demand through a rich ecosystem of peers and stakeholders that are incentivized to participate in the protocol.


An authenticated data index that is designed as a standalone database for authenticated and validated data


SkillWallet is a self-sovereign, portable ID based on Skills & Contributions – that unlocks native, role-based Gover- nance for Web3 Communities. Users can immediately prove their Skills & Reputation cross-platform and cross-community – while DAOs can track real human in- teractions directly on-chain, to evaluate the health and growth of the community.