Open Finance

Open Finance

Open finance is made of Defi protocols that can be freely accessed and composed by anyone. It allows users to manage their assets without leaving the security of their non-custodian wallets, without KYC and AML, without a license, or other barriers to entry. The open financial system massively improves capital efficiency, aggregating liquidity, and accelerates innovation through compounding Defi protocols to higher-order applications.


The leading DeFi portfolio tracker that supports the largest number of DeFi protocols across 19 chains.


Gamified Decentralized Finance Tractor Bringing DeFi to the masses.

Multiple Protocol

Money market fund bridging LPs and GPs by integrating Uniswap V3.

NAOs Finance

NAOs Finance a decentralized real world asset (RWA) lending protocol that facilitates the borrowing of crypto native assets by using RWA as collateral. NAOS has established a large network of corporate borrowers and is operating with financing licenses in multiple regions. In the effort of connecting CeFi with DeFi, NAOS takes an ecosystem approach and looks to engage in meaningful strategic partnerships to expand the boundary of decentralized finance.


NFTGo calculates NFT liquidity across different categories within the NFT market.


Yield bearing asset tokenization and AMM.


A secure, stable, and open decentralized protocol for next 
generation of global derivatives infrastructure.


SolRazr is the first decentralized developer ecosystem for Solana, offering Launchpad, Accelerator, and Developer Tools.


The LAO is a for-profit Venture DAO.


Tinyman is a decentralized trading protocol which utilizes the fast and secure framework of the Algorand blockchain, creating an open and safe marketplace for traders, liquidity providers, and developers.


Tokemak creates sustainable DeFi liquidity and capital efficient markets through a convenient decentralized market making protocol.

Tribute Lab

Tribute Lab is an open‐source stack to evolve the needs of secure, multifunctional DAO operations on Ethereum.


Zecrey is a privacy protocol that bringing cross-chain privacy to digital assets


An ultimate, open, and universal cross-chain DEX protocol for building DEX on Polkadot with one click. Make DEX easier, for more people